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Sheet metal cutting equipment of metal laser cutting machine
Publisher:admin Add time:2016/7/20 Browsing times:556
Manual cutting machine: used for cutting plate, pipe, profile and wire.
Domestic number: X, Q02-X for shear thickness
Pedal type shear trigger: used to cut thin and narrow;
Pneumatic plate shearing machine: mostly used for cutting line, high speed, high shear frequency.
Mechanical shearing machine: linear shear for plate. Shear thickness is generally 1-25mm,
Domestic number for Q11-X-Y, X for shear thickness, Y for shear width.
Hydraulic plate shearing machine: linear shear for plate. Shear thickness is generally 6-32mm,
Domestic number for Q11 (12) Y-X-Z, X for shear thickness, Z for shear width
Combined punching and shearing machine is a kind of widely used metal laser cutting machine cut separation equipment. It can not only cut processing of metal plates, profiles, but also in the flat part of the plate and profiles of punching and shear modulus. It is because of the large shearing process form, so it is called the combined punching and shearing machine.

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